Monday, August 29, 2011

The Worst Movie ever created

After we went to Harajuku, I went with Matt and Hiroko through a market and picked up some sake (alcohol), and some other fruity kind of alcohol which name escapes me, and bought alcohol legally for the first time EVA. Pretty cool.

We made our way over to Matt's friend's house where I met Andy, Go, and Patrick. Patrick (Macias) is apparently kind of famous for his online Japanese show, which is directed to the otaku (geeks, nerds, people deeply interested in video games, manga, etc etc) of the world. Anyway, they were all super fun and we watched three movies.

The theme of the night was "Japan in American movies," but by the end of the night it seemed like the theme was, "Japanese girls that will have sex with you even though they don't like you." First, "You Only Live Twice". Yeah, the James Bond movie. I hadn't seen it before tonight, I thought it was pretty decent. Old, but decent for its age.

Then, "Mr. Baseball," the story of a baseball player who gets shipped off to Japan to work with the Dragons. He hates it and learns to love it, the end.

And last but not least, the worst movie I have ever seen in my life, "Night Fall." No, seriously. NO, SERIOUSLY. Forget the fact that it has no plot or that 120 minutes of the 125-minute long movie could be cut, or the terrible acting or lack of lighting, the fact that the camera is clearly held by a four-year-old, the forced sub-love-plot or the lack of fluidity in conversation, no, forget those things and you have a fantastic movie. It was hilarious to make fun of though, and for that reason I request everyone goes to see it. Now. Ima.

I need so much sleep after all that laughing. Oyasumi!

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