Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Video Blog Post!

Part 1:
I assume here you'll need to take a break and go pee, maybe grab a snack. 
Then come back for part two:

By the way, this was a pain in the ass to do! Tried uploading this the first time to youtube and it wouldn't take it because it was over ten minutes, but before I found that out I waited over an hour to try to upload it.

Figured out how to split the video, had to do some special formatting "preparing project" crap in iMovie, takes an hour, upload to youtube, takes 20 minutes. All in all actually NOT a time-saving strategy, but let me know regardless what you think. :)

Hope you're all well and I hope you've enjoyed my idea of "saving time" while blogging. Sorry for the late post, I'll get better! :D


Haley <3

P.S.: The following picture is 100% true. I have witnessed it:

UPDATE: A round of applause to Jeff, the first one to commit to my crazy ways:

I'm seriously impressed by your dedication to our friendship.

UPDATE NUMBA 2: I've just gotten a picture of the kimono I'll be wearing at my Japanese friend's wedding.


  1. Love the video! and the beluga, strange looking. Are they dangerous?

  2. Last I checked the belugas are really peaceful animals! Or so I think. They're like fat dolphins is all. Kind of playful.

  3. I cannot even begin to say how entertaining you are to watch. Not only that, I have so much to catch up on and to say to you. AH! I love your videos. Do you know you remind me of? You are like Gimore Girls meets Emma Stone. I swear! Annnd omg your Kimono! Is it yours? Like yours, yours? JEALOUS. Everything happened so fast for me that I didn't have a chance to get one and I already had so much I had to throw together and somehow get home...I even had to hurry to ship stuff back. UGH! Anyway. Haley. Omg. <3