Thursday, October 20, 2011

Food and thangs

Have I mentioned yet that Japan doesn't use napkins? Yeah, they don't. They just don't use them. If you really need to use a napkin, you can use a tissue/kleenex. Some restaurants have them, but typically only Italian restaurants. The first two weeks were a struggle. I used to use napkins all the time, but now I've gradually adapted to not using them.

Kind of like how I've adapted to eating like a panda instead of like an American. For example, I am currently eating dried mango. The scariest part is that I am actually enjoying it.

I look like this now. It turns out that Japan is only filled with panda bears that walk around pretending to be human. No, really. I'm not lying. This is a picture of me, and that stump is my desk.

Yes, a lot of things have changed.

My diet is probably the biggest thing that's changed. Eating as a college student is tough, and until Brooke introduced her lemony chicken recipe to me, I was eating pizza at least once a week, craving ice cream all the time, and started replacing meals with Pringles. And Mac and Cheese; don't forget the Mac and Cheese. At the time it didn't really bother me, because all of those things are delicious and everyone should have a day of only pizza, pringles, and ice cream once in a while (maybe once every three months? That seems fair), but thinking back on it now grosses me out.

Being in Japan, with my host mother cooking me things (which I'm eternally grateful for, as if I can't cook in America, I sure as hell can't cook in Japan), I've never had a more balanced diet. And naturally, I've never felt better or healthier in my life.

Breakfast: A hard-boiled egg, sometimes fried, a banana, granola, and coffee. For lunch, I can feed myself, but as I'm trying to not eat ramen everyday (it's not really filling), sometimes I'll just have a pre-made sandwich, other times something from the cafeteria. If I want a snack it'll be something light like, for example, dried mango or some other kind of fruit or pretzel. And then dinner can be an array of things; be it miso soup with tofu and a salad, or beef slices with mushrooms, roots and spinach, salmon with some soy sauce and vegetables, or other healthy things that, two months ago, I could have sworn only furry herbivores eat.

Pictured: Bunny food.

But as it happens I just turned out to be a stereotypical American. As diets go, mine's made the definition of a "complete 180." 

Soooooo as for blog posts, I'm not sure when my next one will be. Next week is midterm week, so I have five tests and have to memorize and present a speech (and that's just Japanese class. I have a test and a paper in one class, a paper in another class, and a project in my Culture class all with upcoming due dates. BLKEGH) and don't know when I'll get a chance to remember that I have a blog to keep up with.

HOWEVER I will do my best! The days here are flying by with all my busy things but I'm trying to enjoy every moment I can. 

'til next time!


  1. Where's the fish?

  2. Lots of fish, Uncle Stu! Not as much as I expected but...I'd say twice a week at least?