Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Post So Soon?? Can Only Mean...

Cute sighting alert! Cute sighting alert!

As I walked home in the rain today, on the side of the sidewalk I spotted a mom and her kid. Her mom, ever patiently, holding an umbrella over both of them, watched as her little girl, no older than three, in a bright yellow rain coat and in rain boots a size smaller than my fist, jumped vigorously in a small puddle (I'd wager she was at it for a while before I came along).

This is 1) Obviously so adorable it makes me want to steal all the Japanese children, but also 2) A fantastic display of a Japanese mother's patience. In Japan, mothers are extremely patient. There are other examples of this, like if a child is whining, the mother says, very calmly, "Yes, just a moment. Hold on, honey." There's generally no yelling, hitting, or threatening (both outside the home and inside). It's a refreshing, that display of patience. I only wonder if they remain that patient in their child's teenage years.

Right, then. I think I'm coming down with something so I'd like to read some Sherlock Holmes and then take a nap. It's really good, by the way. Reading it makes me feel like a proper author and markedly more superior than my peers. Also it makes me use phrases like "proper author," and "markedly more superior than my peers."

Right-o, then.

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