Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Internet

Okay, okay, okay. Since some people (Ellen) have mentioned that I am not posting frequently enough, I will hereforth try to increase my post frequencies.

Lately I haven't been feeling well so a lot of stuff hasn't happened. I spent the weekend at home like a loser because I was tired and achey and obviously so I could watch Wheel of Fortune at seven before my prompt bed time.

You really haven't missed a lot. I have a test tomorrow that I need to study for, I finished my first zombie novel and I kinda want to work on the next book in the series (have I mentioned I'm writing a series? I sort of just decided that recently), and I also wanna read more Sherlock Holmes because I don't have enough time for reading and that makes me sad. :(

Speaking of tests, (wrote testes at first, loling at being 12 for loling at that), I think the next two weeks are gonna be really hard. I'll have a test in my Creative Writing class and also several papers, oral and written tests for Japanese, so I foresee myself getting cranky real soon. Also I feel like I have a lot more studying to do than I think and that makes me kind of panicky nervous so like an adult (?) I am ignoring the problem until it goes away.

I skyped with my mom, Ellen, AND Sam yesterday, so I had a busybusy presence in the states Friday night/Saturday morning. But I'm glad because it's nice to have a day where I can just talk to people in the states and spend time online and not have a care in the world. Also I keep finding really good pictures:

But really all this shows is that I spend too much time on imgur
Stay on the internet...forever? 
Yeah, stay on the internet forever.

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