Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dedicated to My Friends and Family in the states:


This fabulicious video from the 90's includes: Hotties in belly-tanks, bellbottoms, a hilariously bad dancing segment that begins at 3:06 and lasts for about thirty seconds, obviously fake settings, reuse of the same footage that is cropped and replayed several times, and overall just makes me miss the 90's a ton.

However, the message here is not that 90's music was terrible (well...), it's that the message of the song is not exactly hard to interpret. Anyway, it came onto my iPod as I was jogging today and it's SO FREAKING RELEVANT that I dedicate this song to my friends and family in the states. 

And for those of you who want the summary of the song without actually listening to four minutes of music that isn't to your taste (Sam and Ellen), here are some highlights (though pretty much the entire song is relevant) :

I know that you are feeling down 

But every week I'll send a letter  write a blog post
To let you know my love will never change 
I promise you I'll always feel the same 

Halfway 'round the world
That won't stop me from loving you

I'll Still be feeling the way I do
And now I wanna hold you baby
Cuz I'm gonna miss you like crazy
Even if I'm halfway 'round the world!

Don't give up on what you're waiting for

If I could you know that I would find a way
To stay for good but I must go now

Et cetera. 

Anyway, seriously guys, some of you acted like I was dying before I left (not to name any names, but mom), but I will be back before you know it. :)

Thank you for continuing to read my blog and supporting my adventure. It means more to me than you could possibly know.

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