Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today I went to Nagoya Castle! I think pictures will mostly dominate this post, I'm kind of tired. It's been a long day, and I accidentally woke up an hour early because I tried to go to bed an hour early to get more sleep. This is not a system that will work for me, I need some sleep. No, I need lots of sleep. LOTS OF SLEEP.

Okay so without further adieu, I will now cheat my way out of a descriptive blog post by posting pictures of what I did today~!

I toured Nagoya Castle and did some Karaoke with friends from school~Aww yeeeeah!

I introduce to you David's phone, Señor Keitai (Keitai is cell phone in Japanese)

There's two golden dolphins on top of this male and one female (but they look the same?!)

Like a postcard!


I told everyone that they were in Japan so they had to do peace signs. It's a law. Or it should be.

More postcard-esque pictures!

Carved Zodiac animals!

The gardens near Nagoya Castle~!

Ahh yes, time for some Karaoke!

It's blurry because it was dark, and I busted my camera so it doesn't know how to flash anymore. :(


Yeah, I really am tired. I forgot to eat so I'm going on like two iced coffees. By the way, Karaoke is super cheap. You rent a room and you sing for however long (an hour was five bucks per person, but it's free drinks and ice cream! Whaaaat?) and it's realllly fun. We're going again on Friday to hopefully get some alcohol involved. Which can only mean one thing:

Ultimate fun.

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