Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long time no see!

Hey guys! I'm sorrry I was gone so long! But in my defense, this is what I had to do this week.

First of all, I had a test this Tuesday morning that I was studying all weekend for. Tomorrow I have a lesson 11 kanji test on 30 complex characters I just taught myself at Starbucks. The day after tomorrow, Thursday, I have a lesson 12 test on vocabulary, and finally on Friday I have a draft of a 5-minute speech due.

Just a liiiiiittle busy.

By the way, studying is HARD. I forgot how to do it during summer. I need to write an outline for my study methods, otherwise I feel like I'll be missing something important. So when I was at Starbucks and trying to make progress studying but a minute felt like an hour and all the work I thought I had done was actually minimal, I felt like this:
I miss watching Spongebob regularly. The good episodes, like pre-2005.
Also, no, I don't know why the recorder of this clip felt the need to insert a bunch of profanities into the title of a kid's show. But I'm all for it.

But at any rate, I think I did okay on the test. I'll find out tomorrow, hopefully, if I get to stay in 500. I really can't afford to drop down into 400, especially when I learned all of those lessons already!

Lately I've had my mind on this spiderbro I made. Since my first day coming to Nagoya, there's been this spider hanging out around the corner from my house between a pillar thing and someone's gate, and every morning on my way to school or every afternoon on my evening jog, I would see him and say hey.

Just to clarify, yeah, I'm talking about an arachnid.

So for a while he hung out there, everyday his web getting more extravagant, everyday another meal bound up and ready to be eaten within his spidery web, and then one day he and his web were gone.

BUT THEN, two days later, spiderbro made a full recovery and was back on his feet in another spiderweb, which then had SIX, count 'em, SIX, full meals!

But now we have a typhoon on the way (my brain gets all confused when I write typhoon because it's spelled "taifun" in Japanese and that makes more sense ANYWAYYYY) so it's been raining a lot. My afternoon class actually got canceled because there were heavy rains and a chance of high winds.

Yeah, no, I laughed audibly, too. In Wisconsin, it takes about 12 feet of snow for school to get canceled, so this is really just baby-talk. Like, oh, no, we're gonna get a little wet. Wahhh.

Anyway, spiderbro has disappeared again and has been gone for four days, and I've never been more worried about an arachnid.

No, yeah, this is what you've volunteered to read when going to my blog. About a spider around the corner from my house and what his life is like.

So as you can probably guess at this point, life is pretty boring lately besides going to school and studying, two things I've been doing a lot of. I've had no time for anything else recently, except for working a little on my ZAMBIE NAVEL (read: Zombie Novel + Wisconsin accent + excitement).

And now my stomach is trying to talk to me via noises that sound like I'm being abducted by aliens, so I'm putting an end to this not-really-an-update-post post.

Right, so as far as making a decent blogpost, I'll try again next time.

I blame it on my lack of sleep. Actually the reason you may have just read an entire blog post mostly about a spider and my busyness is probably due to my lack of sleep. Ah, sleep. I remember sleep. I miss sleep. Sleep and I had some good times.

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