Friday, September 2, 2011

My new Japanese home!

HEY GUYS! Sorry for the depressing post last time but it was on my mind so I addressed it.

ANYWAY I am now officially in day TWO of my stay in Nagoya! And I figured you guys would want to see the place I was staying at, so here we go! PICTURES!

First, a video of what it was like to be on the Shinkansen (bullet train) ~ You can see mountains in the background even though it was really cloudy!

And here's what it looked like on the inside!

Filled with Japanese people. Like my life for the next nine months.

Here's my house from the outside~~sugoi!! Great!

Ze gate.

The place where we take off our shoes - NEVER wear shoes inside a Japanese home! 

The tatami room at the beginning of the hall; for special occasions.

Further inside the tatami room, there's also a shrine for deceased family members.

The living room - there's a (REALLY BIG) tv in the corner of the room. 

Ze couch in ze living room.

Next to the couch, there's the dining room table.

My host mother started laughing when I told her to say cheese and took a picture. I'll get a picture of both of us later when she's not doing the dishes (I helped, I swear!)

These pictures are blurry because I actually busted my camera and can't see what I'm taking anymore, the screen's done busted. HOWEVER it still takes pictures and uploads them so it is OKAY by me!

Bathroom on the first floor; to the right is the laundry room, to the left is...

Ze shower! And apparently I'm supposed to shower down here but wash my hair upstairs. I don't really understand why but if that's the way I'm supposed to do it...Bleh.


Meanwhile, at the top of the stairs, in the ceiling...Can you see the face? I can see the face.

The room across from mine

There's another room on the right (not pictured), and then on the left is the toilet. 

My room!

My bed and Lucky the duck! I know, I'm six. Whatever. I love stuffed animals. DEAL WITH IT.

My closet area!

And that conclude the tour of my Japanese home stay house! My name is Haley and I hope you enjoyed your stay here with us. Please make sure you have all of your belongings before leaving the blog. Have a nice day!

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